Porsche  944 Turbo /951    

High Performance Intake manifold for the 8 V Turbo engine with Large high flow ports and an option of stock type round intake port flange or the popular 2.7 liter Oval port  for more flow,  4.1 liter plenum volume,  this works with the stock type throttle or can be modded for a larger throttle on special order, but you will have to give dimensions for your application needs.                        Complete manifold cost $1200.oo us$.                                                                                                                                                  Option for Oval ports,  add $50.oo us$.                                                                                                                                       Complete manifold comes with correct bolts and Bondhuss T wrench.                                                                 Manifolds are Pressure tested to 40 psi,                                                                                                                                           The plenum can be tilted upward on a custom basis , but you will have to give info for how much you want for clearance from a stock application, the throttle from the turbo and the hood. 

At a latter date The 4 port base manifold will be  available to be purchased separately if you wish to do a custom plenum of your own, but you will have to choose the port type, stock round or the Oval at time of purchase .                                                                                                                                                                           Round port Base manifold cost : $500.oo us$.                                                                                                                              Optional Oval ports add $50.oo us


With the Roof and floor of the plenum feeding directly into the port’s roof and floor, there is no radius needed, making for Straighter airflow into the ports, just a large radius for the sides of the port entry.  Also reduced injector boss intrusion into the lower port flange area for more airflow !

Porsche 968 Track day/Street 54m/m ITB system, to fit with power brake booster. 

968 Porsche 54m/m ITB intake system to fit with the brake power booster, The system consists of base manifolds, 54m/m throttles, cable pull linkage, (4) 440cc Pico injectors, -8 fuelrail and mounts, (4) curved airhorn spacers, (4) 54m/m x 120 airhorns, TPS and wiring clip. System cost : $2900.oo us$, optional vacuum tree : $200.oo us$, optional (4)Airfilter socks : $150.oo us$

Optional Vacuum tree
Optional Airfilter socks


Porsche 968 Racing 60 m/m straight bore and 60 to 54 m/m taper throttles system, will not fit with brake power booster.

System cost $3000.oo us$.  

System can be sized for 968 3.0L  with 60m/m throttles and for 944S 2.5L with 60m/m to 54m/m tapered throttles and 54m/m ports. 

System comes with base manifolds, 60 or 60 to 54m/m tapered throttles for 2.5 liter , cable pull linkage, (4) 440cc Pico injectors, -8 fuelrail and mounts, TPS and wiring clip, 60x 75m/m airhorns or 54m/m x 40,90,120m/m for the smaller 54 m/m throttles.


Porsche Aircooled,  ITB systems :

Porsche 964 and 993 ITB system pricing starting at $3000.oo and up depending on options such as the airfilters and port and throttle sizing. 



Early Porsche 911  ITB systems, pricing from $3000.oo us$ and up,  from the smaller engines up to the 3.2 , these pictures show the crossbar throttle linkage common to all the aircooled systems.