K Honda Dragrace plenum manifold, available in 60m/m or 64m/m ports, with a centerfeed plenum in 3.5 liter/ 6.0 liter and coming soon a large 8 liter plenum. available with single or dual injectors per port.                                                                              Pricing starts at $1200.oo  us$   and up, depending on options wanted.     This manifold has supported up to 400HP NA and over 1200HP with high boost levels. 



K 20/24,  54m/m ITB manifold is made to fit with the hydraulic power steering pump, pricing: $2400.oo us$. built in vacuum tree, uses stock type fuelrail and injectors.


         S2000 50m/m ITB system,                                                                   Pricing: $2500.oo us$ and up