Hayward Performance, Your North American Jenvey dynamics dealer for more than 15 years,  if you have a racing throttle application that you need custom made or designed. As well as off the shelf Jenvey systems, give us a call.  ph# 604.467.9213   

 LS1 Crossram ITB,  LS2/3/7 Cross ram and down draft ITB systems  available.

         Custom Plenum manifolds for Honda                                        F/K/B race engineDragrace K Honda Plenum manifold 64m/m ports, 6 liter plenum, single or dual injectors per port.

Honda K engine Centerfeed plenum roadrace,  street, 54m/m ports.  

A small collection of castings for custom manifolds 

Twin Plenum Turbo B series Manifold and the twin plenums can be fitted  to other applications.                   What do you need ? 


Individual throttle systems,  Racing throttle systems, Individual throttle bodies,  Racing plenum intake manifolds,  ITB Turbo intake manifolds, Turbo plenum intake manifolds,  Custom intake manifolds,                                                         Pretty much what we do here !