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NEW: Honda B Series Turbo Specific intake manifolds and parts for standard B intake port and the GSR down draft intake port , See Honda B 1800+ on intake page. All these Plenum parts can be used with the K manifolds aswell  !!


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30 plus years of cylinderhead rebuilding and race modifications

Coming  for the LS1, LS2 and LS6, or any of the 4.8/ 5.3/ 5.7/ 6.0 liter LS style engines that have the tall Cathedral intake port.  NEW “Crossram plenum intake manifold”  with “adaptable plenum tops”  for almost any fuel injection throttle type,  supercharger,  intercooler  or anything else you want to bolt to it , and comes with 6 vacuum port bosses  and 2 blowoff valve locations for supercharger applications.              What style intake system do you want on your LS engine ??                                     Nostalgia look,  multiple throttles,  supercharger,  Individual throttles, Turbo plenum.                                           We can make it for you !

                                         K20/24 Honda Acura Dragrace Plenum intake

      Above picture showing the new third injector position and the new 6 liter Plenum

                                        ” NEW NEW ” for Honda/Acura K20 / K24                                                               “6 liter plenum option available”,   For all center feed manifolds,                                                             64 m/m runners for the Drag Race manifold.                                                             And now a MULTI throttle 4.5 liter plenum  is coming !   :)                                                TURBO inlet PLENUM coming with90m/m throttle flange  ——————————————–PICTURES COMING SOON————————————— Honda / Acura K20 K24 Drag race manifold,  shown below with 2 injector positions. A NEW injector position is coming that will let you feed that big turbo boosted engine and will give more hood clearance, it will be on the bottom of the curved section, pointing upward into the port, so now you have 3 injector positions to choose from.           Now available 75 m/m  tall  60 m/m  diameter internal airhorns with the 6 liter plenum. Coming in the new year, 64 m/m runners , A  NEW  MULTIPLE THROTTLE PLENUM is coming soon with room for (2 or 3) five liter Ford type throttles !   Or it could be used as SUPERCHARGER mounting flange !!  :) A NEW TURBO INLET PLENUM (Dual Plenum) for the high power Turbo guys, can be mounted to face left or right, feeding the above “multi throttle plenum” from below thru a long slot for equal flow to all ports, comes with a 90 m/m ford throttle flange.

“Options” for the Drag Race plenum manifold: (3) Injector positions: stock, outboard on top of port curve, and on bottom pointing up into port.  (2) Plenum sizes: 3.5 liter, a 6 liter, and a new 4.5 liter multi throttle plenum, new turbo inlet plenum. (2) Port sizes: 60 m/m , 64 m/m. (2) Standard Port length for the 60 m/m port size and (optional) 75 m/m  internal airhorns, these airhorns only fit with the 6 liter plenum. Throttle flange sizes from 70 m/m up to 90 m/m.       

“NEW”  Airfilter socks for ITB’s,   A simple airfilter solution.                                                    now available in Black or Green,These have an internal spring to keep the element open and away from the airhorn.  $120.oo for a set of (4), freight is extra.

New for the Porsche 968 an ITB intake system, 60 m/m throttles,                                other sizes are available.  Can be sized for 944s , 944s2 .

PROTOTYPE & CLEARANCE ITEMS FOR SALE : Brand New, Never used or bolted to an engine,                                                                     Small Block Chev IDF weber carb manifold, $600.oo, obo, frt is extra